Mission & Goals

Allston Brighton TMA is an independent, consensus oriented, nonprofit organization made up of employers, institutions, building owners, and public sector representatives working together to address employee transportation issues and improve air quality and traffic in the Boston area and the region.


To enhance the economic vitality of the areas we serve by improving mobility and air quality through the creation and provision of services and materials that promote the use of sustainable transportation options.

Goals & Objectives

  • To stimulate the development and implementation of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs by businesses, institutions, property managers and neighborhood residents.
  • To develop, promote, and implement transportation services that reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by increasing the use of sustainable transportation options.
  • To provide members with the means to comply with state and local regulations concerning transportation and the environment; including the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Rideshare Regulation and the City of Boston’s Transportation Access Plan Agreements.
  • To share resources and expertise in advocating, developing, coordinating and promoting sound TDM measures.
  • To disseminate information related to available and future TDM programs and initiatives, as well as, emergency traffic and transit service directives.


President & CEO: Richard A. Dimino, A Better City


Allston Brighton TMA was established in 2014, by its parent organization A Better City, which also manages A Better City TMA. A Better City was established in 1996, by the Artery Business Committee in partnership with the Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) project and the City of Boston in order to address employer concerns about getting employees, clients, and visitors into Boston during the peak construction of the CA/T (the Big Dig).

The Artery Business Committee officially transitioned to A Better City in May 2006, learn more about A Better City at: www.abettercity.org.