Ride Matching

Ride Matching logoOnline Ride-matching now available to commuters via NuRide!  


NuRide is FREE to use. It’s secure. It’s easy. It’s fast.

Allston Brighton TMA partners with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to offer NuRide a state of the art ride-matching system allowing commuters to quickly and securely find carpool partners. The system matches people based on proximity to origin, destination and travel route as well as similar working hours and compatible carpooling preferences. 


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What if I am in a carpool and need to get home unexpectedly?

Allston Brighton TMA gives you commuting piece of mind with the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program. Need to leave work due to an unexpected event? No problem! Through GRH you receive up to six FREE rides per year.  

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Not convinced Ridesharing can save you money?

View the Rideshare Calculator to find out how much your commute really costs. You may be surprised!