Workout to Work

Workout to Work logoAn Incentive to Get You Moving!


All of us need to get to work, but few of us have considered combining daily exercise with our commute. Workout to Work rewards you for walking or bicycling to work or transit.

Workout to Work is designed for the person who lives within a five, ten, or even 20+ mile radius of their workplace or a transit stop. Whether you have been walking for years, or have not gotten on a bike since you were twelve, we have the tools and rewards to get you on your way.

Who is eligible?

Any employee or tenant of an Allston Brighton member company who walks, bikes, or jogs to work is eligible. You don't have to walk or bike all the way; trips to your local transit stop count too.

How does the program work?

Participation is simple, at the end of the month just let us know how many miles you biked, walked, or jogged.  Allston Brighton TMA will help you Track your commuting achievements! And, each time you participate, you are eligible to win great active commuting prizes through a monthly raffle drawing. There is no cost to join, just the energy needed to get you on your way!


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Report Your Miles

Login to your commuter profile to report your miles today! You can find the link to report your monthly miles on your "My Programs" commuter dashboard once you are logged in.

What's in it for me?

The goal of Workout to Work is to get moving- whether you choose to walk, bicycle, rollerblade, or jog is up to you. Besides the great incentives provided to you through the program, there are many other benefits to walking or bicycling to work.

A healthier you.  A freer you.  A richer you!

You can track your total miles on your online commuter profile and see the aggregated miles from your worksite and all participants.  You will also see information about your car free days and the environmental benefits from your walking and biking.  Each time you choose active commuting you prevent air pollutants associated with C02 from being emitted into the atmosphere. Making smart commuting choices means you are taking steps to improve health, prevent air pollution and ease roadway congestion.  Participants can also challenge themselves to log as many miles as they can in order to reach the Commuter Hall of Fame.  

How do I know this is right for me?

The point of active commuting is to get moving! While planning and preparation is necessary, it doesn't have to be prohibitive. Depending on how far you travel and the level of intensity you plan to engage in, you may want to consider shower options or bringing a change of clothes. Otherwise, it can be as simple as walking to your local bus stop or hopping on your bike!

What if I need to get home unexpectedly?

Allston Brighton TMA gives you commuting piece of mind with the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program. Need to leave work due to an unexpected event? No problem! Through GRH you receive up to six free rides per year. 


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