Do you livefurther away than where public transit is readily available such as Western MA, Plymouth/Cape Cod, and Southern New Hampshire?  If so, then you may find vanpooling to be an excellent option for commuting into work!


What is a vanpool?

A vanpool is  7-15 people who commute together via a small passenger van. Typically one person is the main driver and in exchange for driving, does not have to pay the monthly fare.  Vanpools normally meet in a park and ride lot and may have a few stops along the way into the city. 


How much is it to join a vanpool?

It depends on the number of people in your vanpool since you pool the expenses but typically it ranges from $200-350/month.


What are the benefits of joining a vanpool?

  • Vanpooling qualifies for the pre-tax commuter benefit
  • Share the costs of driving with everyone in the vanpool and save up to $5000 year!
  • Receive a free ride home in the event of unscheduled overtime or other personal emergency through ABC TMA’s Guaranteed Ride Home program
  • Use the time you would normally be driving to sleep, read, catch up on work.
  • Vanpool parking is normally provided free of charge so that’s one less hassle/expense to worry about
  • Sign up for Allston Brighton TMA’s vanpool subsidy program and receive an additional discount of $220 for 6 months!
  • Find out more about vanpooling (PDF)


How will I know if vanpooling is for me?

Most vanpools let you try them out for a day or a week without commitment so try it out and see for yourself!


Where can I see if there is a vanpool in my area?

Check out vRide for a list of current vanpools and to form your own