MBTA Trip Planner

There are many tools on the web to help you determine the fastest, safest, and least expensive way to get where you are going.  Here are a few of our favorites:

MBTA Rider Tools

To help you make the most of the T, MBTA.com offers powerful tools that are all about you. Use the Trip Planner to plan a trip using T transit services. Service Nearby will show you a map of all the stops and routes close to any location. Service Updates gives you up to the minute information about the status of all MBTA routes, elevators and escalators.

Park and Ride Lot Map

This MA DOT map provides information on the Park & Ride Lots throughout the Commonwealth that are available for people wishing to carpool or vanpool to work. Commuter bus service is also available from many of the park-and-ride lots. Please click on the lot locations for additional information.

Map A Bike Route

Ride the City, is a website that helps you find safer bike routes in cities. Like other mapping applications, Ride the City finds the shortest distance between two points, with a difference. First, Ride the City avoids roads that aren't meant for biking, like highways and busy arterial streets. Second, Ride the City tries to steer cyclists toward routes that maximize the use of bike lanes, bike paths, greenways, and other bike-friendly streets.

Map A Walking Route

Google Maps allows you get directions and choose walking as your mode.